Will You Get Caught With Your PANTS DOWN When It Comes To Having the Proper Business Paperwork in Place that Protects You and Increases Your Profits?

Do you have the proper "Corporate Minutes" in place for your business and have they been updated each year which is one of the legal requirements all business owners must follow through on? This important KEY piece of paperwork increases your money and your safety.

By using our little Corporate Minutes kit you will dramatically increase your access to low interest business funding, you can take a free all-expense paid annual vacation and your taxes will drop like a rock!

Don't risk huge personal loss or big legal trouble by not filling out this important business paperwork and keeping it up to date and fully compliant.


From Your Friends at the Small Biz Funding Network.
RE: Getting the $25 kit that gives you access to more money.

Did you know, everyone who is in business or in real estate (or that wants to start) legally has to have a set of papers filled out called your “Corporate Minutes”? And every single year it must be updated properly with new information.

When you do this simple step the right way, which only takes about 10 minutes, you can make all these wonderful things happen for you:

*Immediately be given access to low rate business funding

*Protects your personal assets, home and savings

*Lowers your business and personal taxes

*Reduces your risk of being sued and stops expensive frivolous lawsuits

*Lets you write off all your meals as tax free business expenses

*Allows you to take a once a year free vacation as an annual meeting

Sadly, most people don't fill out their corporate minutes properly because they don't know how and they don't have the easy to follow template which we provide in this kit. You risk a lot of financial and legal problems if it is ever discovered that your businesses doesn’t have any corporate minutes or that they are not current and up-to-date this year.

THE GOOD NEWS is that it costs practically nothing to get help updating them for your business and you get some really big BONUSES for having this done right.

With good corporate minutes prepared for your business you can deduct MANY of your restaurant meals when you eat out on your business expenses, you can take a vacation on your businesses dime and deduct it all off your taxes and you keep your personal life and assets untouchable in case anything goes wrong in your business.

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But You Must Hurry Since This Special Kit And The Free Bonus Will Come To A Complete End On Saturday August 18 at Midnight.

This complete corporate minutes kit comes fully completed FOR YOU and provides you with any personalized additional assistance you may need as easy as a phone call away.

This corporate minutes paperwork that all businesses LEGALLY MUST HAVE is an important document that will signify things like:

*Who are the directors of your company (even if it is only you, this has to be declared every year).

*Who is the company secretary (probably you!).

*What is the balance in your business account (if any).

*Would you like to be given MORE BUSINESS FUNDING this year? (how much)

*Did you or will you be having any business dinners this year? (surely you did, so just list the dates that match any meal recipes you want counted as business expenses)

*Where is your businesses annual meeting going to be held this year? (this can be a nice vacation and a full write off)

*What goals, if any, do you have for your business operation over the next year?

Each of these kind of items will need to be properly noted as a resolution in your corporate minutes each year. And you have to have this done properly RIGHT NOW or you risk a lot of trouble, not to mention you can’t have the funding you want without this.

Let us help you in a big way and provide you with these EXACT kind of corporate minutes to use in your business to stay safe, to get a lot more cheap funding with and for saving money (as business tax deductions) on the things you are already doing anyway.


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Get Your Expedited Corporate Minutes Kit "Done for You"!

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If you want cash FUNDING for your business, you have to do this and have these exact kind of corporate minutes properly in writing.

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This is an easy way to protect yourself, lower your taxes and get a lot more money. The choice is yours. Risk everything you have worked for or quickly get protection and big cash rewards.

If you don’t do your corporate minutes the right way, and keep them up-to-date you can lose your house, your savings, your future income and in some extreme cases you can be thrown in jail for not operating a legally compliant business which must maintain an accurate set of corporate minutes each year as part of its business paperwork.

Plus if you want huge tax deductions that give you free meals, free trips and put a lot of your hard earned money back into your pocket, where it belongs, you must have this expedited corporate minutes kit.

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Thank You,
Your Friends at the Small Biz Funding Network.

PS: remember why this is so valuable to you. Anywhere you go, even just to a hotel for the weekend, you can call it an annual meeting for your business and take that total cost all off on your taxes legally if you have these kind of corporate minutes!

And you have to have this LEGALLY for any business you’re doing anyway.

But the deadline is counting down – so don’t delay and make sure you don’t miss it.

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So let us help you with YOUR business needs and hopefully we can develop a productive long term relationship.

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