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The secret to real estate investing is finding deals which are undervalued in some sense and that provide the opportunity to change something in a way that produces a profit.

Changes are where the biggest profit come from. And this is really easier than it may seem as it can be done is so many different ways.

A change in ownership status is sometimes all it takes to make a property much more valuable.

Changing it from owner occupied to a rental. Or as a rent to own deeded home. These kind of simple changes can make it many times more valuable than it was before without altering anything physically on the property.

You can of course change the floor plan and amenities or interior decoration of a home to make it worth much more than the cost of these improvements.

You can even change the landscaping of the exterior features in a way that make the entire house look different and far more valuable.

And in many cases the best way to increase a home’s value is just with time. Historically all well selected and well located property goes up in value faster than the inflation rate. That is what makes real estate a great investment.

The other key element to investing is how you buy and finance a property. This means taking on as little debt or risk personally and as much in the name of a business when possible.

This is done by making offers in a business name, getting cash lines of credit for a business, which focuses on real estate investing and getting as much regional financing for the mortgages as possible in a business name so you can buy properties without dragging down your personal credit.

But remember – given the choice between making a small profit as a business or making a larger profit individually, you should always do a deal personally if that is the easiest way to a quick profit. You have many options when you master this material so now YOU can choose whether you do any specific real estate investment in your personal name or in a business name.

Here are some of the many sources of real estate funding that are available to you.

Here is the LISTINGS of local community lenders in each general region who can provide real estate financing in the name of a business. That means you can get the actual property mortgage and deed in a business name from these kind of lenders rather than using your personal name. And be aware that there are many more such lenders in your own community that you can now search out knowing these kind of parameters.

East Region

Astoria Bank 800-278-6742
City National Bank 800-773-7100
First Commerce Bank (855) 322-6736

South Region

South State Bank 800-277-2175
Bank South (800) 499-9094
InSouth Bank (866) 348-3614

Midwest Region

MidWestOne Bank 800-247-4418
Bridgewater Bank 952-893-6868
Bremer Bank 800-908-2265
Key Community Bank (651) 457-7539

Western Region

Frost Bank 800-513-7678
Extraco Bank 866-398-7226
Alliance bank of Arizona 602-952-5400
Bank of the West 800-488-2265

California Region

Exchange Bank (707) 596-3865
City National bank (800) 773-7100
Five Star Bank 916-626-5000

Here is access to the list of NATIONAL Business credit lenders we recommend you also use for general cash based funding.

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