2019 Is The Time To Turn On To Real Estate

This new investing program offers you the 3 most important things needed to make $100,000 quickly in Real Estate - and all for biggest discount ever seen in this company's 16 year history.

Because Real Estate has made a huge come back and investing in property is more profitable for beginners that it has ever been before. (even one of the world's richest men, Warren Buffet, recently got into real estate too!)

So RIGHT NOW is the time to become part of the most complete real estate investing program ever released - The Ultimate Real Estate Investor's Guide 2.0

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RE: the ultimate in real estate deals and ready funding.

Many years ago our company released a ground breaking real estate investing program unlike anything the world had ever seen. And today, as part of our special anniversary sale – we are proud to announce the release of the next generation of real estate investing tools guaranteed to make you maximum profits without risk or stress!

The Ultimate Real Estate Investor's Guide 2.0 is normally priced at $997 but this week during the limited time sale the complete program and all the free bonuses are offered at over an 80% off discount!

The average real estate flip now reported in all the national studies makes you more than $46,200 in profits, often in less than 45 days. And all that money is yours when you use the excellent funding, the killer deals and experienced coaches you have access to in this high powered program.

Even complete beginners can profit big time, in their spare time, using this proven system.


This newest version of our Ultimate Real Estate Investor's Guide 2.0 includes the 3 things YOU need to make a huge income as just a weekend investor doing this totally part time, just a few hours a month.

We set everything up in this program, from the deals to the perfect funding to make you a sure-fire success the first time!


This program gives you access to funding for your deals “In the name of a Business” so you are protected and in a way that scales up to the full amount you need to buy and repair investment properties for profitable quick resale.


You will be given our online listings of the best possible deals in your area to pick from. These are deals where sellers know they are selling for less than market because they have other important needs to fill. You can make a lot of money from these kind of juicy deals and all the other types we will lead you to discover from following this program.


In addition to all the valuable basic real estate investing instructions needed we will also, for the first time, be providing you with insider information rarely published outside a small inner circle.

You will get instructions on how to keep all debt out of your personal name. How to hire contractors so costs are always consistent and you never get ripped off. How to hold title to real estate properly so your ownership is riskless. And how to simultaneously double close for profit without ever taking title to or a loan out on the property.


One of the most important needs every real estate investor has is for funding and we meet that need for you, in this program, with our National Business Funding Program that provides money “in the name of a business” for any of your real estate transactions or repair costs when needed.

By following these instructions you will gain access to many thousands of dollars in cash based funding which can be used for any purpose when it comes to real estate investing.

Buying houses outright for “all cash” will be possible. Using funding as down payment money if desired can also happen. And all the total rehab costs of fixing up or holding onto a house are easily covered through this fantastic National Business Funding Program!

Simple Put – it is the best low cost money source any real estate investor has ever used.

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In real estate investing the old saying about how to make a lot of money is summed up in 3 words…

Deals – Deals – Deals!

And this program provides you with access to some of the best undiscovered investments with prime profits just waiting to be plucked.

We will give you access to all our resources in EVERY AREA of the Country and show you where and how to find the really good deals which make a lot of money. We can also show you secret ways to root out the best deals for yourself using our proven methods and techniques.

So you will enjoy success in this program by getting the 1 Key Ingredient that is missing in so many others – Access to the Best Deals!


You also get your own real estate investing trainer to talk to in this program anytime you have questions (during normal business hours of course).

This is a HUGE added value to this program and normally costs $197 each month (EXTRA). But today this is yours for Free as part of our thank you everyone  Anniversary Sale .

Your personal trainer can help you walk through the deal from start to finish. Guide you to the funding. And coach you on every aspect from rehab to resale.

More Powerfully Than All That – Your coach will also show you exactly how to keep all the debt out of your own personal name, how to put the mortgage into the name of a business and how to hold title so your name is off public record.

This Is The Biggest Key To Making Huge Real Estate Profits Risk Free

One of the keys to doing real estate investing RIGHT (i.e. make a lot of money doing it without any risk whatsoever) is to understand that the debt needed to own real estate should not show up in your NAME. And the property should not be listed with you on public record as the principal owner if you want to eliminate huge potential legal liability costs.

In this technique, we will teach you, you use a simple registered business name to get the money, instead of just your own personal name. This way the debt it takes to hold real estate and make large profits does not put you at RISK and does not drag down your credit rating. And it can also keep YOU, the true owner of the property, off the public record which is a big advantage in this day and age.

This is truly worth its weight in gold to have one of our staff members available to you as part of this Ultimate Real Estate Investors Guide 2.0 program.

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So This Program Solves All Your Problems In Learning To Do Real Estate Investing More Profitably – With Virtually No Risk to You


The icing on the cake of this incredible anniversary offering is that we will also include, for those that enroll before the Sat. August 17 deadline at Midnight – Full access to all our funding sources, both national and regional, for the rest of your life at no additional cost.

This is a huge bonus, as you can imagine, and it adds 10X to the total value of your use of the Ultimate Real Estate Investors Guide 2.0 program.

So Don't Miss Year End Deadline and lose out on literally thousands of dollars in savings and you making tens of thousands of dollars in profits.

All the basic steps to real estate investing are included, plus you will get a wealth of extra strategies that have never before been offered until now and that will really shield you from risk while dramatically increasing your guaranteed profits.

For years the original Ultimate Real Estate Investors Guide has sold of $997

But today on our anniversary you save over 80% off

Only $167 Right Now

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When you use the Ultimate Real Estate Investors Guide 2.0 program as instructed, no one cares what your credit score is and no one cares about your personal financial situation.

Real estate investing, done this way, is the great equalizer so money can be made by ANYONE who has a desire to succeed.

This is such a smart program to get your hands on because we have all seen the statistics of the profits and we have seen the signs that real estate investing is back this year in a big way.

So we know the market is HOT again, in a sustainable way, that is driven by true growth and higher demand.

All you need in order to make a lot is our list of deals in your area, a funding source that keeps you separate from the property (not in debt) and professional instructions on the best ways to get started.

The key to this break through is that by using this program you become an ALL CASH buyer on every deal you want! You stop doing it the old fashioned way using your own name and start using the name of a business instead for better terms and bigger financing access.

Using this program you can even take money out and access cash BEFORE you buy any property or after you have when you are ready to do your rehab. So you get total flexibility and maximum cash out.

We provide all that in this latest UREG 2.0 total fast track to profits program.


As with all our programs, the Ultimate Real Estate Investors Guide 2.0 protects you with a full money back guarantee if for any reason you need to return it because you just don’t want to make life changing income from this once in a lifetime opportunity.

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Recap Of Everything Included

In the Ultimate Real Estate Investors Guide 2.0 you will get access to the money you need to do deals. You will get all the latest investing instructions in writing, recorded and through live coaching with your own personal trainer.

Everything you need will be mailed to you in a valuable welcome package and accessible at your fingertips including a lot of bonus material that is only being released for free as part of this anniversary sale.

You will learn the very valuable method of keeping the debt out of your own personal name as an investor. And you will be coached to increase your profits to the maximum while avoiding all individual risk.

So get EVERYTHING the Ultimate Real Estate Investors Guide 2.0 promises and start making $46,200 from every single deal you choose to land.

Real estate has made more regular people RICH that any other asset class in history. Not stocks, options, gold or the internet can hold a candle to good old fashioned real estate investing techniques when combined with this latest method you can now start using which can keep all the debt totally out of your own personal name and the property ownership off public record.

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When you enroll you will immediately be mailed everything that comes in the Ultimate Real Estate Investors Guide 2.0 program and you are welcome to start working with your own personal coach anytime you want to!

But the SALE ends TODAY at 11:59 pm so do it now.

Your Friends at the Small Biz Funding Network.

PS: remember that as part of the bonuses being offered, only during this anniversary sale, you get continuous funding access and regular updates to the program for free anytime new material is released and sold.

That is a HUGE perk, worth many hundreds of dollars, that no one else will get after you. (lucky)

NOTE: No program, course, coaching or training can guarantee that you will make income. As with everything in life, it is up to you to do it. Success depends on your commitment, experience and some circumstances that are beyond one’s ability to control. We will provide you with the tools that have proven to work in the past for us and for many other members who applied there principals.

We offer a money back guarantee (less shipping and handling) by you simply returning the program within 30 days of the date of purchase to our return address on the package.

The time frame regarding any lifetime bonuses offered in conjunction with this program are understood to be for a term of 5 years (from date of purchase) with the option, at the companies discretion, to be renewed access to those bonuses for an additional 5 years. The dozens of funding sources we provide in this program are their own autonomous companies and may choose at any time in the future to discontinue their current offering. We will always attempt to replace old resources with new ones when needed.

We are really looking forward to helping you in every way we can and we thank all our repeat customers for their many years of loyal business.

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